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Q5 with Sally Hershberger

June 30, 2009

Q5 with Sally Hershberger

From her ability to create trendsetters out of celebrities, to the long list of award-winning products she’s helped to develop (think John Frieda’s Sheer BlondeBrilliant Brunette…), Sally Hershberger has become synonymous with innovative, papillon-like transformations, as well as lengthy wait lists and Manolo-priced haircuts. She’s simply that good.

I recently had the chance to interview Sally on her new product collection, the famous ‘shagg’, and how little we can really get away with trimming.

Q1: Do you think the average girl needs to splurge on high-priced hair care products, or are drugstore finds just as good?

My favorite products have often been things I find at the drugstore. But I also think it’s OK to splurge on luxury items every once and a while, too. The most important thing is to find products that work well and have high quality ingredients, and those come from both the drugstore and a high-end boutique or salon. Regardless of where you buy the product, if the ingredients are cheap, you’ll be able to tell in the performance of the product. That’s why it was really important to me when developing my new haircare line, Supreme Head, to only use the best ingredients, even if it cost a little more.  In the end, I was able to produce products that are affordable for all women and available at your local drugstore, but that still deliver great style.

Q2: As you’re the leading source for all things ‘shagg’, do you feel it’s a look that anyone can wear?

Yeah, for the most part I think a very layered haircut, long or short, is a great look for most people… It adds an easy sexiness to your style, and I love that. It’s probably not ideal for an aristocrat or the first lady – no one in a conservative position — but otherwise I think its a great look for most women, and even some men!

Q3: Many women leave their salon in a tizzy because their stylist decided to trim-off more length than desired. If someone is trying to grow their hair, or keep it long, what’s the absolute minimum you feel can be taken off ?

Generally speaking, an 1/8 of an inch should keep hair healthy without taking off a noticeable amount of length.  If your hair is really damaged, you may want to take off a little more than that.

Q4: Which facet of your career is the most exciting at the moment?

Developing products is definitely one of my most exciting projects at the moment… I really love coming up with new ideas for products and testing them out and all that. I developed products for years with John Frieda, working on both the Sheer Blonde and Brilliant Brunette lines, so it’s nice to be able to do it for myself now and have complete control over the finished product.  I’m also working on opening two new salons — one on the Upper East Side here in NY, and one in Los Angeles — so that’s also very exciting.

Q5: What’s the one haircare tool you simply can’t live without?

Definitely a blowdryer! I tend to use my hands a lot why styling, but having a blowdryer is an absolute must to get out any kinks or reshape small sections.

For additional information on the Supreme Head haircare collection, Sally’s salons, or to view her fabulous ‘how-to’ instructional videos, visit