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Q5 with Neil Weisberg & Amanda George

September 13, 2010

Q5 with Neil Weisberg & Amanda George

Founders of one of Beverly Hills’ most beloved salons, stylist Neil Weisberg and colorist Amanda George have been mastering the art of hair for over 20 years.

Below, the duo dishes on everything from anti-aging hair care secrets to the styling tools no woman should be without:

Q1: Color can be a brilliant (and equally immediate) alternative to invasive anti-aging treatments— if done correctly. What are your top techniques for turning back time?

[AG] My techniques to turn back time usually begin with asking someone to bring in pictures of themselves at a younger time (especially for clients who’s 45+), as well as one or two women they visually connect to in their personal color zone (similar skin color, eyes, etc), and from there we start to create the canvas for the younger looking you. I always have my clients on a program that envelopes all the factors, age, wants, lifestyle etc., so its all about the “whole picture,” including the products that they use at home, diet etc.

That said, I think that the hair surrounding the face should usually remain lighter, and one’s hair color should illuminate the skin and eyes. Embracing gray is an option but, most times, unless she can really blend the gray with highlights and a Brazilian blowout for smooth texture, or has beautiful olive skin I tend to think coloring is sexier.

Q2: What three styling tools should be in every woman’s arsenal?

[NW] Straightening iron that you can both curl and straighten the hair so it is multi-functional to allow you to get both looks, dry shampoo for refreshing, texturizing and volume, and hairspray for holding the hair in place.

Q3: Silver-hued highlights have been spotted everywhere this season, from the runway to the red carpet. Can anyone wear this trend, or is it best reserved for a specific color/texture/cut?

[AG] I don’t think its for everyone. It’s really amazing on certain women and certainly we have a fair demand for those Nordic Blondes. At Neil George, we have Kacey, our extension expert, simply pop a few platinum strands in someones hair for a real boost of platinum— its fun, effective and you can take it out when you are done!

Q4: What’s the most flattering cut for fine hair? Course? Curly?

[NW] Fine— soft layers, not too long (shoulder length is perfect) so it is playful; Course— either very short or keep it long so the hair is weighed down (inbetween length does not work well for coarse hair); Curly— long layers always rule for this texture as you can utilize the curl and make sure that the layers are not too short or too many, since curly tends to spring up when it dries.

Q5: If a client could only experience one of your luxurious hair care products, which would you recommend?

[AG] If a client could only use one of my products, I would say The Indian Gooseberry Treatment Oil, because it has so many ways in which it helps the hair to look fabulous. For dry, frizzy and curly hair, it smooths and moisturizes. It actually smooths hair if used wet or dry. It also gives curls separation and texture. If used poolside, it prevents dryness and frizzies and stops the hair from dehydrating in the sun. It’s a real game changer on vacation for sure. At night, if used on the ends, it keeps a blow-out from puffing up in the morning. And, if used regularly, it acts like a multi-vitamin for the hair and helps to strengthen and amplify each strand due to the large amount of Indian Gooseberry (which has been used for hundreds of years by Indian women to keep their hair shiny and healthy…) in our formula.