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Q5 with Kate Lee

September 19, 2010

Q5 with Kate Lee

From the radiant complexions of Diane Kruger and Anne Hathaway to the sultry eyes of Sienna Miller and Keira Knightley, celebrity makeup artist Kate Lee is often credited with creating Hollywood’s most enviable beauty looks.

Below, the London native reveals her must-have concealers, brush care tricks and which three beauty tools no woman should be without:

Q1: What current beauty trend excite you most?

I am really enjoying the gentle lean towards apricot/nutmeg colored shadows that we saw at Phillip Lim’s S/S RTW show this season. These warm shades can be incredibly flattering if used in a gentle wash, paired with a skin colored line inside the eyes and not too much mascara, they pop the color of the Iris.

I’m also loving that make up artists are choosing to groom a natural looking brow instead of too much shaping and defining. The brows are definitely taking a back seat for spring summer and into fall, with some people opting to lighten or bleach out their brows completely. (Thanks Lara Stone!) This is exciting because it opens up the possibilities for the rest of the face.

Q2: Can anyone wear the season’s coral lip and cheek, or is it best suited to a specific skin tone?

The corals I have seen have been mainly on the eyes so far, coral does require some trial and error, the wrong shade can yellow the teeth and the whites of the eyes so best test it out in good light. I recommend pairing it with a berry shade to offset the orange-y tone. Coral cheeks are really pretty too, either way, I find matte/creme shades of coral really pretty when played down. What you should be aiming for is a sheer hue of color.

Q3: How can one ensure the most flawless finish with concealer?

The trick with concealer is the right product for the right area in the right shade. Some concealers are made specifically for use under the eye, so there is very little use trying to use them for a blemish. Everyone should have three in my opinion. One brightening under eye and brow bone brightening concealer such as Chanel Éclat Lumière. This product can be used anywhere you need a little lift. the next thing is a concealer with more coverage, that is exactly the same color as your skin. The third one is a shade lighter, so that on the days your paler, you can mix and match.

The best way to start is to exfoliate the skin in case of any dry patches from past blemishes, but it also helps to make the skin radiant and free of dead skin cells. Next moisturize, and then apply a great oil free primer, Nars make a fabulous one. This helps to keep the products where you put them!

You will also need two concealer brushes, one small enough to dot any small blemishes, and one more suitable for patting and melting the pigment into the skin. I really like a nylon or synthetic fiber brush for this, Chanel makes two great nylon foundation/concealer brushes, and Laura Mercier has a fantastic fluffy synthetic blending brush which works amazingly well.

Q4: How often should one replace their cosmetic brushes?

I am one of those people that believe you get what you pay for in a brush, and that they absolutely change the application and final effect of your product. I am religious with Shu Uemura’s brushes and have some that I have owned for 15 years! That said, I love Chanel’s brushes, Nars has some beautiful kabuki brushes that I am nuts about. Laura Mercier has great brushes too, and I was really pleasantly surprised at Target recently when I was looking at Sonia Kashuk’s range.

You will know yourself when its time to say bye bye, generally a nylon or synthetic brush wont last too long before it needs replacing, but remembering to wash them with an anti-bacterial facial wash here and there as well. It is a good habit to get into and will help prolong their lives. Remember, These little guys help you conceal what you don’t want the world to see, so make sure you take care of them! Sable and pony brushes, badger, squirrel… They all need a good wash from time to time. These guys can handle brush cleaner occasionally but I still think that making the time to wash carefully, rinse thoroughly, squeeze out and dry flat is the best way to care for them.

Q5: What are three beauty tools every woman should own?

A magnifying mirror, an amazing pair of precision tweezers and a set of well made brushes, both nylon and natural fiber.