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Q5 with Charlotte Tilbury

November 28, 2009

Q5 with Charlotte Tilbury

There are few people in the industry that can command the level of respect and admiration that comes so naturally to Charlotte Tilbury. She simply transcends titles and limitations.

And whilst Charlotte has become as recognizable as her celebrity clientele, she remains one of the most charming and accessible women you could hope to meet. She’s quick to share her insider tips/tricks, and admit that she’d rather be caught nude than head out the door without a proper coat of mascara and a little color on her cheeks.

I recently had the chance to interview this globetrotting superartist, for her expert advice on everything from beauty tools and the ultimate concealer, to the secret behind her flawless complexion…

Q1. Did you always long to be an artist, or did you stumble upon your talent by chance?

I always knew I wanted to do something involving the arts. My father is a painter and I knew I had his talents but I also felt drawn to the fashion industry, with a huge interest in clothes, shoes and trends. I was always styling my friends and doing their hair.

At the age of 13, I met makeup artist Mary Greenwell and she definitely inspired me in my choice of career. But it was when I was about 16 and met a different makeup artist, with whom I had a long conversation about what his job in the fashion industry involved. I instantly knew that this was what I wanted to do with my life. There was no turning back, I had made my mind up and I told my mum that same day that I was going to be a makeup artist!

Q2. What beauty trend is most exciting to you at the moment? Why?

One makeup look I am really into at the moment is a berry stain on the lips. It’s the most modern way to wear a lipstick, patted onto your lips with a finger. Don’t worry about the lip-line not being perfect it’s part of the look to leave it soft.

Q3. If a girl is going to invest in 5 makeup brushes, which do you feel are the most important to own?

I swear by the brushes by Paula Dorf. Try her concealer brush Total Camouflage, it blends the product perfectly into the skin.

For blending eyeshadow whether it’s cream or powder, Paula Dorf’s Smoke Lid is the perfect size for blending under the lower and along the top lashes. It’s amazingly soft and also works perfectly to smudge eye-pencil.

To blend on the eye-lid and/or in the socket Sheer Crease by Paula Dorf is ideal. You will have great control of the movement of the pigment.

Trish McEvoy also does a wonderful range of brushes. The Sheer Blush brush is so soft, feels amazing on the skin and blends products amazingly. You can use it to apply your blusher and/or bronzer.

The slightly smaller version, the Highlighter brush, is the perfect tool not only to apply highlighter but also to apply powder!

Q4. What brand/type of concealer is your favorite for camouflaging the effects of a late night out (under-eye circles, blemishes)?

I love Estee Lauder’s Maximum Cover and I use them religiously! Mix with a tiny bit of moisturizer for a texture that covers any blemishes and makes your complexion look dewy and glowing!

For an under eye “lift” try Bobbi Brown’s Eye Brightener. It will get rid of any dull shadows!

Q5. You’ve got a gorgeous complexion, who/what do you rely on to keep your skin so luminous?

I do look after my skin. I cleanse it morning and night plus I have regular facials.

But I also rely on amazing products!  I love all the products by Ila. Their skincare range is natural, organic and made of the best quality ingredients that are the purest available, sourced from around the world.

Their Face Oil for Glowing Radiance does exactly what it says in the name. Your skin will look rejuvenated and radiant and you will notice the difference instantly!

Ila also does a Body Oil For Vital Energy. It will help you restore your natural energy and help your body deal with everyday stress.