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M.A.C + Jin Soon = Fall’s Must-Have Color Collection

August 14, 2010

M.A.C + Jin Soon = Fall's Must-Have Color Collection

Matte, modern lacquers are all rage for F/W ’09. And, as always, M.A.C nails the trend with a lustworthy color collection, set to hit stores later this month.

Below, Jin Soon Choi— the famed manicurist behind these hues— provides her expert advice on all things ongles.

Q1: What’s the secret to a long-lasting manicure, is it in the choice of polish or the application (or both)?

Mostly the application. To get a long lasting manicure, clean the nail surface with a Q-tip or cotton-wrapped orange wood stick to ensure you have a grease-free nail bed. Apply the base coat and polish in even, moderately thin strokes.  If you apply the polish too thick, it will be more likely to chip.  If applied too thin, you will need a lot more coats which will result in an uneven appearance. Last, be sure to apply a top coat.  It extends the life of the nail polish, both in terms of color retention and durability. It prevents pesky chipping and keeps the nail polish shiny and fresh.  Apply the top coat to the entire nail surface (without touching the cuticle), working from the left to the right. And don’t forget to touch up the tip of the free edge.

Q2: Do you feel one’s hands and feet should match, or are complimentary colors a more modern choice?

I recommend choosing complimentary colors for a more modern/current look.

Q3: It seems that square is the shape du jour, but a round nail is considered to be more flattering. Which finish do you personally prefer? Does one’s choice of color play a role?

I do recommend that women avoid overly long nails and stick with a moderate approach to nail length and shape.  My favorite nail is short in length with a rounded square-shaped end (convex in form) and straight on the sides with a rounded corner— my employees and clients at my salons call it the “Jin Soon Shape.”

Q4: What five shades of nail lacquer do you feel every woman should own?

Sheer pink, red, purple (For Fun by M.A.C) for an everyday look, and lavender (Cool Reserve), and dark green (Beyond Jealous) for a stylish look.

Q5: To cut, or not to cut?

Remember that the primary purpose of the cuticle is to protect your nails. If you really want to have clean cuticles, push back the cuticle thoroughly and just snip the noticeable hanging or dead skin only–not the cuticle itself.  If you do a good job of pushing the cuticle back thoroughly, you shouldn’t have to cut the cuticle very much at all.