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Is Batiste Dry Shampoo Good for Dark Hair?

By on April 13, 2020

There are many questions that one would ask themselves when it comes to making a decision on the best dry shampoo for dark hair. The first question would be which dry shampoo is ideal for dark hair and which one is highly recommended by the experts in the market?

Is Batiste Dry Shampoo Good for Dark Hair?

The moment you walk into a beauty shop, you will see very many options which you can chose from and among the best dry shampoo is batiste which is used by many who have dark hair. Batiste original dry shampoo has a number of ingredients which are good for those with dark hair. The shampoo leaves the hair feeling fresh since it is lemon scented spray. After application it may leave the hair white but after brushing the white powder becomes undetectable.

It is important that to make sure that the powder is spread evenly through the head so that it can work on the roots and also provide the hair protection that is needed. When using the product for the first time, it is important to try it in small portion so that you can test if batiste original dry shampoo does not have negative reaction on your hair and scalp. Even though most of the time, the results will always be positive because the ingredients used are mild and good for sensitive skin, it is still important to test just to be completely sure that you have made the right choice for your dark hair.

How to use batiste dry shampoo

As one of the best dry shampoo for dark hair, it is important to learn how to use it well for effective results. The first thing is to ensure that you shake the bottle well so that you can get all the ingredients are well mixed. The dry shampoo should then be sprayed at least 12 inches from the roots so that it cannot come into contact with the scalp. From there the hair should be massaged thoroughly through all the head and the one using it should be able to feel the freshness of the hair.

The hair will automatically increase in volume and from there she can style. Applying the dry shampoo will take the client at least three days or more before washing using water and regular shampoo. The dry shampoo gives convenience to the users because it can be used on the go. It offers peace of mind to those who have busy schedule and rarely have time to visit the salon. When the product is used well following the basic 1 2 3 step then the user can be assured of good results. Everyone likes good looking hair and therefore the need to look for good products that will make your hair shiny and healthy.

Is Batiste Dry Shampoo Good for Dark Hair?

Why use batiste dry shampoo?

As one of the best dry shampoo for dark hair there are many reasons why one should use the batiste dry shampoo. It is a good dry shampoo that boosts hair volume and helps remove oily roots whenever it is massaged on the scalp. It is important to take time and massage the dry shampoo all through the head and to the scalp just to ensure that the product’s treatment ingredients effectively work. This therefore help change and give life to some of the very dull dark hair leaving them feeling clean and fresh and looking good, and not to mention smelling nice.

Batiste dry shampoo is lemon scented and therefore it gives the hair a fresh smell whenever it is applied. With all these amazing benefits it is easy to get addicted to this product which may make someone to overuse the batiste dry shampoo. It is important to always remember that prolonged and frequent use of the dry shampoo can cause some damages to the hair. Some of these negative results include hair loss caused by thinning and hair breakage, while some can even start balding. Balding may not happen at once but can happen after a long time of hair falling.

Is batiste dry shampoo good for dark hair?

After going through all the above information about this product, the answer is a definite yes. Batiste dry shampoo is good not only for dark hair but also for other types of hair because it is made with ingredients that would work well for any type of hair. The lemon is known to have very many benefits not only to the hair but to other parts of the body too. When choosing the best dry shampoo good for dark hair, batiste dry shampoo should be number one in that list followed by the rest.

Batiste dry shampoo has very many benefits and would be nice if one learns how to use it sparingly so that they can enjoy the benefits for a longer time. Healthy hair is an indication of healthy body and it is good to ensure that food consumed has beneficial nutrients that will boost the condition of the hair especially after using different hair products like the batiste dry shampoo. It is important to watch what you decide to use on your hair because there are products that should not be used together at the same time. For example, there are some shampoos that need to be used with only their conditioners for better results.

Wrap Up

As one of the best dry shampoo for dark hair, batiste dry shampoo is affordable and easy to find making possible for those who want it find it easily. There are other dry shampoos for dark hair that cost more that batiste but do not have so many benefits as batiste does. After using regular shampoo and water it is important to take at least one week before using the batiste dry shampoo. Even though there is no where written how long it should take before using the dry shampoo, it is advisable not to use it back to back with other different hair products.

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Can You Use Nail Polish During Pregnancy?

By on March 14, 2020

Can You Use Nail Polish During Pregnancy?

All women in the world who face their pregnancy stage in life will definitely have the dream which is to give a best start to their unborn kids inside their womb. They really starve a lot to bring their unborn child to the world in a healthy condition. They will also carry the idea of giving strong physical strength accompanied with kind heart and bountiful intelligence. Beyond these interesting dreams, women are also aware of the chemical ingredients which are found surrounded around them.

Even though those chemicals are commonly adopted in human life style, they show a drastic effects for new or unborn tiny little fetus. It is natural for women to use cosmetics but using that while they are pregnant would be a notable fact harming unborn babies. It is clear for all women that each and every cosmetic which they use will surely carry chemical ingredients in them. Among such many chemically bounded cosmetics, nail polishes stand in the top rank for their great toxic ingredients which promotes to give attractive nail color.

Toxic substances may truly harm the fetus inside womb

Many researches are now stating that these toxic substances may truly harm the fetus inside womb as they are connected to the blood stream of the mother. But stopping the act to color the nails will be like a hindrance for women in their day to day activities and even though they travel in their pregnancy stage they find it difficult to avoid their most lovable activity which is polishing their nails. Hence we are here to make clear points regarding the does and don’ts about the most important part of grooming which is polishing nails. We have also added the best toxic free nail polishes which are safe nail polish during pregnancy.  All pregnant women feel relax to read out this and finally come to a conclusion about nail polish and their usage while being pregnant.

Searching 3 free note in the envelop

Arising needs of using organic and chemical free nail polishes, many manufacturers are conscious enough nowadays and they have started producing 3 – free nail polishes. Now what is that 3 – free will be reasonable question arising in every woman’s mind? It is that the nail polishes will not have the most three toxic and harmful chemicals in it. Those three toxic agents are,

  • DBP (Dibutyl Phthalate)
  • Toluene
  • Formaldehyde

These three are sure to harm the fetus inside womb as they enter through the blood stream of the women very easily. While nail polish containing these substances comes into contact with pregnant women, their fetus will have issues such as

  • Imbalanced secretion of hormone both in fetus and mom
  • Reproductive issues for both lives
  • Severe headaches for moms and fetus after 8 months in womb
  • Itchy eyes for unborn baby after birth
  • Breathing issues and also suspecting to acquire cancer for unborn baby too

Things to know about nail polish safety for pregnant women

Apart from the above mentioned issues there are also few other toxic agents who does not come under this 3 – free note and the important one among them is TPHP (Triphenyl Phosphate). It is actually used to create flexibility and durability but this creates developmental and reproductive irregularities. All these chemicals together shatter the whole human system and so it is very important to safeguard the unborn baby from such massive threats. The only way to avoid these sufferings is that to stop buying those nail polishes which contains these harmful chemicals.

Exactly safe nail polish during pregnancy will be the nail polish which is free from all the above said frustrating ingredients. Understanding these destructive factors the developing technology has also introduced 5 free nail polishes which are the advanced form of 3 free nail polishes. Additional to the above said three toxic agents, 5 – free nail polishes will not have two other massive destructing agent and they are

  • Formaldehyde resin
  • Camphor

Yes, it is exactly true that the researches states that these two ingredients also act against the human working system and hence advancements has been made to avoid these 5 particular chemicals in nail polish production. It is finely guaranteed that safe nail polish during pregnancy will be this 5 – free nail polish. Pregnant women can now stop having dilemma whether to use nail polish or not and they can feel free to use the nail polish which have the above said criteria.

Can You Use Nail Polish During Pregnancy?

Safe and secured non toxic nail polish brands

Here are the highly sold nail polishes in market which are free from above said toxic agents. We suggest all the pregnant women to make use of anyone of these below mentioned nail polishes.


A very good product which is well known for its 7 – free characteristics is Pacifica. While coming across such healthy and non toxic brand which is also free from parabens will be the exact product adoptable for all pregnant women.

Ella + Milla

The next brand which is good for pregnant woman is Ella + Milla and as Pacifica it is also 7 – free nail polish existing in market.  It is sold at very reasonable price when compared to all the other brands and it can also be purchased in Amazon. Other striking factors inducing to buy this nail polish is that the manufacturer offers free shipping to any part of the world while making order on websites.

Zoya professional Lacquer

With wide varieties in color this particular nail polish stands unique in market. Along with 5 – free options this nail polish is liked by all women categories. It will also be the suitable option for pregnant women who are crazy to wear different nail colors.

Tenoverten nail polish

A fashionable nail polish which is well known for its 8 – free line is Tenoverten nail polish. With several varieties in shades, this nail coloring brand will offer everything which a woman likes. Thus in our list this nail polish is also added to make women more comfortable in finding out the best option.

Denouement for this topic

Buying the best brand is up to the user’s wish but utmost care has to be taken while being pregnant and so women who are travelling with their fetus in their pregnancy stage must keep in mind about the health and growth of the fetus. Avoiding the toxic agents harming the child and choosing the chemical free nail products will do well for both the mom and the fetus in womb. There are many manufacturers who take utmost care for the women who are pregnant and they produce suitable nail colors to suit their need. Hence safe nail polish during pregnancy will be those brands which are 3 – free, 5 – free and 7 – free. So, pregnant women need not be pitiful without their nail colors as there are many options to be healthy enough all the time.

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How to Remove Makeup Using Oil Cleanser for Dry Skin?

By on November 16, 2019

If you believed that beauty was just skin deep, reconsider! In today’s quick paced world, people make a huge impression with their character and looks. It would be wrong to stay in the dark about the potential customers where great skin might take you. Today, we need to use some excellent items like cleansers to assist us keep our skin clean and beautiful.

The DDF non-drying mild cleanser is among the very best cleansers available in the market today. It is specifically targeted to assist people with dry skin to clean their skin without losing its natural oil essence, which may make it even more dry. Wash clean your skin and leave no residue at all! This ultra-mild cleanser is specifically classified for delicate, fully grown or dry skin. The cleanser assists you to eliminate all toxic wastes while leaving the skin moist and hydrated. This soap-free cleanser assists you to remove even your makeup most efficiently and securely.

How to Remove Makeup Using Oil Cleanser for Dry Skin?

For people with dry skin, utilizing makeup is a huge issue, specifically when it concerns cleaning it up. With these outstanding dry skin cleanser items, you can provide your skin the best necessary care. It is simply basic cleaning that stays the key to the success of these items.

Best Oil Cleanser for Dry Skin

Facial cleanser is the first point of contact any great skin care programs, particularly if you have dry skin, for this factor it is necessary to pick the very best for your cleaning skin care. When it pertains to getting a great cleanser for dry skin you should make certain to adhere to your skin type choices otherwise it can wind up being more of an issue than an option. Skin cleaning is very important for healthy skin as it enables your skin to breathe much better and restore itself quicker.

Cleanser you select must be mild however extensive enough to remove pollutants. If you can find one that features its accompanying toner then a lot the much better as they will match each other. There are some facial cleansers that come as a combination to be able to clean and tone at the same time.

Facial cleansers can be found in form of creams, gels, foams and creams. They are separated according to skin type.

When it pertains to typical facial cleanser, it’s best to choose those that lather well when used with water. Dry skin as specified above advantages more from a hydrating cream cleanser. Oily skin on the other hand is best taken on with water based cleansers or deep cleaning ones. They ought to have the ability to completely clean the pores and slow down production of oil instead of trigger the sebum glands to produce more oil.

How to Remove Makeup Using Oil Cleanser for Dry Skin?

What is a Cleansing Oil?

Cleaning oils are another option to remove makeup, surface particles, and excess oil. What makes them different is how they work compared to standard water-soluble cleansers that have a cream, gel, or lathering texture.

Conventional cleansers clean mainly with surfactants, components that connect with oil, makeup, and surface particles on skin in a way that permits them to be washed with water. Well-formulated cleansers also transfer hydrating components on skin so it feels smooth and soft instead of tight or dry.

Many cleaning oils also include surfactants, however the surfactants are not the stars of the show; rather, the oils take spotlight.

How Do Oils Clear Skin?

Oils do not simply hydrate skin, they also work as solvents, a group of components that can liquify comparable substances. Oils are a special kind of solvent because they’re lipophilic, suggesting they’re naturally brought in to other oils, consisting of the sebum our skin produces and the oil-like components in makeup.

Cleaning creams are moderate cleaning items that are made to remove comprise and dirt. They are found in cream form and are the very best way to clean skin along with enhance its look. They are specifically excellent in cleaning skin with specific conditions such as acne and eczema.

Facial cleaning creams are fantastic for mild removal of dirt from skin while not removing it off its vital oils.

How to Remove Makeup Using Oil Cleanser for Dry Skin?

Some active ingredients you can anticipate to find in great cleanser for dry skin consist of; oat meal, sunflower and grape seed oils, chamomile, cocoa butter, lemon oils, glycerin and many others. To have the ideal cleanser for dry skin, get one that is moderate in texture which will leave your skin hydrated from its active ingredients.

The very best time to clean remains in the night when it’s dirtiest as this kind of skin does not work well with excessive cleaning. This is most likely to remove the skin off its natural oils and leave it drier and sometimes inflamed. If you pick night as your perfect cleaning time then ensure to wash the face after use of cleanser for dry skin with some water in the early morning before placing on moisturizer.

Advantages of Cleansing Oil

The primary advantages of cleaning oils are:

– Attend to fast and simple removal of all kinds of makeup and sun blocks.

– Leave skin sensation flexible and smooth.

– Work with any other kind of cleanser must you select to double clean.

The very best cleaning oils for skin include non-fragrant plant oils. These are abundant in elements called glycerides, which multitask by removing what you do not wish to remain on skin all night (makeup and sun block) while also renewing what skin needs more of, specifically, skin-softening hydrators.

Dry skin needs to be exfoliated to remove the dead cells which are accountable for a flaky look. The very best time to exfoliate dry skin seeks the cleaning regular with cleanser for. Follow exfoliation with an excellent moisturizer to keep the flaky look away. Throughout a cleaning program for dry skin think about utilizing a loofah as it will motivate some mild exfoliating action.


Getting a cleanser for dry skin that is integrated with other excellent items such as moisturizer and exfoliate is a fantastic option. There is a large choice of items that are great for dry skin however all people are different and where one item does not work there are more available.

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How to Clean a Sponge?

By on November 9, 2019

What are sponges?

Sponges are animals having pores all over their bodies without having mouth and head. These were used originally but now artificial sponges are made for the cleaning process. We use them in our household and as beauty care cleansers. They are easy and effective to clean the metallic or glassy objects of our house. Their pores are supposed to accumulate the dirt and germs in them, so they must be thoroughly cleaned after every use.

How to Clean a Sponge?
Natural sponges in the ocean

Where do we get sponges from?

Sponges are multi-cellular animals of Porifera species typically lives in saltwater. But only 150 species reside in the freshwater of oceans. There are approximately 9000 species of Porifera that lives on the Earth.

They were made naturally in old times but they are supposed to be expensive. Thus, nowadays, synthetic materials are used to manufacture sponges. You can synthetic sponges for different uses at reasonable rates in offline shops as well as on online stores.

How to Clean a Sponge?

Natural Vs synthetic sponges

  • Natural sponges come to your door without any adulteration. Whereas artificial or synthetic sponges might contain toxic chemicals that might harm your skin in the long run, if used frequently.
  • Self-cleansing properties are found only in sea sponges. Whereas, you have to soak the synthetic sponge in warm water with dishwasher in it and put some effort.
  • Sea sponges soak more liquid than the synthetic ones and this does not consume a lot of time in completing the task.

What are Konjac sponges?

These sponges were originally made by the farmers of Japan through the fibers of vegetables, to clean babies’ skin due to their softness and natural mineral containing properties. These sponges are so gentle that you can deeply clean your acne-prone chest and back of the body with it. It will not cause any scratch over your skin and causes no harm due to its tenderness. Bamboo Konjac sponge is known to be the best Konjac sponge for exfoliation.

Benefits of using sponges for cleaning

Blood circulation

If you are using natural sponges on your skin, then they are very beneficial for the sensitive skin because they contain a wide variety of minerals like zinc, sodium, potassium, magnesium, etc. due to involvement of these minerals, the blood in our body gets proper circulation and makes our skin more fresh and glowing.


Sponges help in exfoliating your skin and act as scrubbers. Massaging in circular motions, it removes the dead skin cells on our skin and makes the skin squeaky clean. You can scrub it on your face and body too.

How to Clean a Sponge?

Prepares for mask

After scrubbing or exfoliating, skin gets ready for the next step of masking. It deeply cleanses the clogged pores on your skin of the face and your face gets ready for closing the pores by applying any kind of mask suitable for your skin.

Easy to clean

They have space between their pores and they are so convenient to use as well as clean. They do not allow bacteria to survive between their spacious bodies. However, natural sponges are more easy to use as they are eco-friendly.


Sea sponges or natural sponges cleanse themselves on their own due to their intricate canal system. You do not have to put extra efforts. Just keep them in warm water for a few hours after usage. But with the synthetic cleansers, you have to either rub it from your hands with few drops of detergent or dishwasher in it or you have to put it in the washing machine for cleaning.

Keeps you clean

The basic task of cleansers is to clean dirt and bacteria from anywhere. It could be your skin or your objects in the house. Your face or the things of your home like glass, tiles, etc can be washed by using sponges.


Although, synthetic sponges have less shelf life natural sea sponges can be used for many months if stored rightly.

Various uses of a sponge

An artificial or synthetic sponge can be used in various ways. These can be the following:

  1. Makeup remover: beauty blenders are made either from sponges or silicones. Using sponges as a beauty blender is a great way to feel the softness of the blender while doing the removing process. it will prevent your face from getting
  2. House cleaner: if you do not want to roughen your hands by doing cleaning with hard scrubbers, then you should go for a synthetic sponge. It will not fade away the glow of your hands.
  3. Loofahs: sponges can be used as body brushes or loofahs, for a very soft and gentle massaging during the bathing process.

When to clean your sponge?

If you remove your makeup daily from your sponge, then you should clean the accumulated dirt and makeup from it twice a week. If you clean your households with your sponge, then you should clean it daily. Never leave your Konjac sponge in the water.

How to wash your sponge?

Just place your dirty sponge in the washing machine to avoid getting the bacteria building up in it for a large period. The second option is to clean and rub it with your hands with a few drops of liquid soap and dry it well afterward.

When to replace your sponge?

If you frequently utilize your sponge then you should switch it with a new one within 3 months. Moreover, when your sponge starts to shrink and loosens its fibers, then it’s the time to replace it.


Keep an eye over the bacteria that keep accumulating in the pores of your sponge. Keep it clean after every use. Dry it well after washing. Prefer to use natural sea sponges instead of synthetic ones, as they may harm your skin and cause skin infections or promote cancerous cells in your body. Use beauty blender made from sponge. Always remove your make up before bedtime with a gentle and wet sponge.

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Pre-Party Pick Me Up

By on July 26, 2011

Pre-Party Pick Me Up

Revive tired, sullen and sun-damaged skin with Ole Henriksen’s firming ice cube treatment:

  • 5 oz. fresh lemon juice
    • 5 oz. strongly brewed rose hips tea
    • 5 oz. strongly brewed mint tea
    • 5 oz. vodka

Blend ingredients together, and pour into an ice cube tray.  (One ice cube can be used several times, simply return to freezer after each application.)

Once frozen, place an ice cube in a thin cotton handkerchief, and allow the active ingredients to melt through. Glide across the entire face and throat for at least 2 minutes, then leave to absorb 100%. Finish with a collagen-boosting serum.

Use as needed, or as much as 3-4x/week for prolonged effect.

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Celebrity Style Icon Q5

Q5 with Naomi Watts

By on June 21, 2011

Q5 with Naomi Watts

look gorgeous, by the way, in that cute little blue dress,” Watts says in a sweet, reassuring tone. “It’s Topshop,” I chirp. “Oh? I love Topshop.” And so began my interview with one of Australia’s most renowned exports.

Q1: You’re here tonight on behalf of Pantene, as the new spokesmodel for their Flat-to-Volume collection. But, by the looks of things, you’ve no trouble with volume. How do you achieve such body?

I have my good days and my bad days, but what I love about Pantene is that they recognize my hair type and allow me to work with it. There’s no magic potion. With time, and a specified product regiment, my hair has transformed. In a healthy way.

Q2: What’s your one, must-have styling product?

In addition to the Flat-to-Volume products, I also use the brand’s Triple Action Mousse. It’s great on wet hair. Especially for low maintenance kind-of-girls, like myself. I can maybe drag a hot iron through my hair, but that’s about it. This really helps.

Q3: As a working mum, are there any go-to beauty products you simply can’t live without?

I always use SPF for myself and my kids. I’ve heard that the greater the number, the greater the protection, is a myth. So I stick with SPF30.

Q4: You’re known for your luminous glow. How do keep your skin looking so well?

I try to drink lots of water, and get as much sleep as I can get hold of — which is never enough.

Q5: Do you ever knick any grooming products from your husband [Liev Schreiber]? If so, what do you ‘borrow’?

I don’t use any of my husband’s products, sorry!

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Q&A with the Pros

Q5 with Kate Lee

By on September 19, 2010

Q5 with Kate Lee

From the radiant complexions of Diane Kruger and Anne Hathaway to the sultry eyes of Sienna Miller and Keira Knightley, celebrity makeup artist Kate Lee is often credited with creating Hollywood’s most enviable beauty looks.

Below, the London native reveals her must-have concealers, brush care tricks and which three beauty tools no woman should be without:

Q1: What current beauty trend excite you most?

I am really enjoying the gentle lean towards apricot/nutmeg colored shadows that we saw at Phillip Lim’s S/S RTW show this season. These warm shades can be incredibly flattering if used in a gentle wash, paired with a skin colored line inside the eyes and not too much mascara, they pop the color of the Iris.

I’m also loving that make up artists are choosing to groom a natural looking brow instead of too much shaping and defining. The brows are definitely taking a back seat for spring summer and into fall, with some people opting to lighten or bleach out their brows completely. (Thanks Lara Stone!) This is exciting because it opens up the possibilities for the rest of the face.

Q2: Can anyone wear the season’s coral lip and cheek, or is it best suited to a specific skin tone?

The corals I have seen have been mainly on the eyes so far, coral does require some trial and error, the wrong shade can yellow the teeth and the whites of the eyes so best test it out in good light. I recommend pairing it with a berry shade to offset the orange-y tone. Coral cheeks are really pretty too, either way, I find matte/creme shades of coral really pretty when played down. What you should be aiming for is a sheer hue of color.

Q3: How can one ensure the most flawless finish with concealer?

The trick with concealer is the right product for the right area in the right shade. Some concealers are made specifically for use under the eye, so there is very little use trying to use them for a blemish. Everyone should have three in my opinion. One brightening under eye and brow bone brightening concealer such as Chanel Éclat Lumière. This product can be used anywhere you need a little lift. the next thing is a concealer with more coverage, that is exactly the same color as your skin. The third one is a shade lighter, so that on the days your paler, you can mix and match.

The best way to start is to exfoliate the skin in case of any dry patches from past blemishes, but it also helps to make the skin radiant and free of dead skin cells. Next moisturize, and then apply a great oil free primer, Nars make a fabulous one. This helps to keep the products where you put them!

You will also need two concealer brushes, one small enough to dot any small blemishes, and one more suitable for patting and melting the pigment into the skin. I really like a nylon or synthetic fiber brush for this, Chanel makes two great nylon foundation/concealer brushes, and Laura Mercier has a fantastic fluffy synthetic blending brush which works amazingly well.

Q4: How often should one replace their cosmetic brushes?

I am one of those people that believe you get what you pay for in a brush, and that they absolutely change the application and final effect of your product. I am religious with Shu Uemura’s brushes and have some that I have owned for 15 years! That said, I love Chanel’s brushes, Nars has some beautiful kabuki brushes that I am nuts about. Laura Mercier has great brushes too, and I was really pleasantly surprised at Target recently when I was looking at Sonia Kashuk’s range.

You will know yourself when its time to say bye bye, generally a nylon or synthetic brush wont last too long before it needs replacing, but remembering to wash them with an anti-bacterial facial wash here and there as well. It is a good habit to get into and will help prolong their lives. Remember, These little guys help you conceal what you don’t want the world to see, so make sure you take care of them! Sable and pony brushes, badger, squirrel… They all need a good wash from time to time. These guys can handle brush cleaner occasionally but I still think that making the time to wash carefully, rinse thoroughly, squeeze out and dry flat is the best way to care for them.

Q5: What are three beauty tools every woman should own?

A magnifying mirror, an amazing pair of precision tweezers and a set of well made brushes, both nylon and natural fiber.

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Q&A with the Pros

Q5 with Neil Weisberg & Amanda George

By on September 13, 2010

Q5 with Neil Weisberg & Amanda George

Founders of one of Beverly Hills’ most beloved salons, stylist Neil Weisberg and colorist Amanda George have been mastering the art of hair for over 20 years.

Below, the duo dishes on everything from anti-aging hair care secrets to the styling tools no woman should be without:

Q1: Color can be a brilliant (and equally immediate) alternative to invasive anti-aging treatments— if done correctly. What are your top techniques for turning back time?

[AG] My techniques to turn back time usually begin with asking someone to bring in pictures of themselves at a younger time (especially for clients who’s 45+), as well as one or two women they visually connect to in their personal color zone (similar skin color, eyes, etc), and from there we start to create the canvas for the younger looking you. I always have my clients on a program that envelopes all the factors, age, wants, lifestyle etc., so its all about the “whole picture,” including the products that they use at home, diet etc.

That said, I think that the hair surrounding the face should usually remain lighter, and one’s hair color should illuminate the skin and eyes. Embracing gray is an option but, most times, unless she can really blend the gray with highlights and a Brazilian blowout for smooth texture, or has beautiful olive skin I tend to think coloring is sexier.

Q2: What three styling tools should be in every woman’s arsenal?

[NW] Straightening iron that you can both curl and straighten the hair so it is multi-functional to allow you to get both looks, dry shampoo for refreshing, texturizing and volume, and hairspray for holding the hair in place.

Q3: Silver-hued highlights have been spotted everywhere this season, from the runway to the red carpet. Can anyone wear this trend, or is it best reserved for a specific color/texture/cut?

[AG] I don’t think its for everyone. It’s really amazing on certain women and certainly we have a fair demand for those Nordic Blondes. At Neil George, we have Kacey, our extension expert, simply pop a few platinum strands in someones hair for a real boost of platinum— its fun, effective and you can take it out when you are done!

Q4: What’s the most flattering cut for fine hair? Course? Curly?

[NW] Fine— soft layers, not too long (shoulder length is perfect) so it is playful; Course— either very short or keep it long so the hair is weighed down (inbetween length does not work well for coarse hair); Curly— long layers always rule for this texture as you can utilize the curl and make sure that the layers are not too short or too many, since curly tends to spring up when it dries.

Q5: If a client could only experience one of your luxurious hair care products, which would you recommend?

[AG] If a client could only use one of my products, I would say The Indian Gooseberry Treatment Oil, because it has so many ways in which it helps the hair to look fabulous. For dry, frizzy and curly hair, it smooths and moisturizes. It actually smooths hair if used wet or dry. It also gives curls separation and texture. If used poolside, it prevents dryness and frizzies and stops the hair from dehydrating in the sun. It’s a real game changer on vacation for sure. At night, if used on the ends, it keeps a blow-out from puffing up in the morning. And, if used regularly, it acts like a multi-vitamin for the hair and helps to strengthen and amplify each strand due to the large amount of Indian Gooseberry (which has been used for hundreds of years by Indian women to keep their hair shiny and healthy…) in our formula.

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Q&A with the Pros

Q5 with David Kirsch

By on August 24, 2010

Q5 with David Kirsch

From Heidi Klum’s legs to Kerry Washington’s derrière, fitness guru David Kirsch has molded some of the most enviable forms in Hollywood. His innovative diet plans, fitness routines, and highly-regarded supplements have come to establish this supertrainer as a celebrity in his own right.

To find out how we, mere mortals, can stay in shape this season I asked David for a little ‘cheat sheet’ on all things fitness-related…

Q1: If one has only 15 minutes to exercise daily, what would you recommend as a basic routine (that could be extended into a longer session)?

If one has only fifteen minutes to exercise daily I would make sure to hit the major body parts- core, glutes, arms and legs. Start every morning with stretching, then wide stance squats, double crunches (engaging   both the upper and lower body), push-ups and planks.

Q2: Would you say your highly-regarded New York Body Plan is a quick fix or a lifestyle?

The Ultimate New York Body Plan is a program that will jump start your fitness/wellness program, but at its core, it is a life transformative program.

Q3: Which seemingly healthy foods should we avoid, or reduce, when trying to loss weight?

The “healthy” foods to avoid (or at least limit the consumption of) are pineapples, raisins, bananas, corn, white potatoes, cherries, and grapes.

Q4: Do you believe in cleansing or fasting for health?

I believe that in this time, a healthy juice cleanse or a wellness cleanse can be a very effective way of ridding the body of unhealthy toxins and waste. It is very important that one does not abuse or overuse fasting or cleansing and makes sure to follow the cleanse with a good probiotic. I actually have a couple of healthy cleanses (the 48 Hour Lemonade Diet and the 5-Day Detox) that clients have used to great effect.

Q5: What are the best snack foods to stock-up on (for consumption between meals)?

The best snack foods are almonds, walnuts, apples, celery, non-fat plain yogurt, and also, one of my protein meal replacement shakes (180 calories- of 25 grams of protein, flax seed and fiber) would help stave off those hunger pangs.

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Q&A with the Pros

M.A.C + Jin Soon = Fall’s Must-Have Color Collection

By on August 14, 2010

M.A.C + Jin Soon = Fall's Must-Have Color Collection

Matte, modern lacquers are all rage for F/W ’09. And, as always, M.A.C nails the trend with a lustworthy color collection, set to hit stores later this month.

Below, Jin Soon Choi— the famed manicurist behind these hues— provides her expert advice on all things ongles.

Q1: What’s the secret to a long-lasting manicure, is it in the choice of polish or the application (or both)?

Mostly the application. To get a long lasting manicure, clean the nail surface with a Q-tip or cotton-wrapped orange wood stick to ensure you have a grease-free nail bed. Apply the base coat and polish in even, moderately thin strokes.  If you apply the polish too thick, it will be more likely to chip.  If applied too thin, you will need a lot more coats which will result in an uneven appearance. Last, be sure to apply a top coat.  It extends the life of the nail polish, both in terms of color retention and durability. It prevents pesky chipping and keeps the nail polish shiny and fresh.  Apply the top coat to the entire nail surface (without touching the cuticle), working from the left to the right. And don’t forget to touch up the tip of the free edge.

Q2: Do you feel one’s hands and feet should match, or are complimentary colors a more modern choice?

I recommend choosing complimentary colors for a more modern/current look.

Q3: It seems that square is the shape du jour, but a round nail is considered to be more flattering. Which finish do you personally prefer? Does one’s choice of color play a role?

I do recommend that women avoid overly long nails and stick with a moderate approach to nail length and shape.  My favorite nail is short in length with a rounded square-shaped end (convex in form) and straight on the sides with a rounded corner— my employees and clients at my salons call it the “Jin Soon Shape.”

Q4: What five shades of nail lacquer do you feel every woman should own?

Sheer pink, red, purple (For Fun by M.A.C) for an everyday look, and lavender (Cool Reserve), and dark green (Beyond Jealous) for a stylish look.

Q5: To cut, or not to cut?

Remember that the primary purpose of the cuticle is to protect your nails. If you really want to have clean cuticles, push back the cuticle thoroughly and just snip the noticeable hanging or dead skin only–not the cuticle itself.  If you do a good job of pushing the cuticle back thoroughly, you shouldn’t have to cut the cuticle very much at all.

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